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  • NO, dreary podcasts of hours of fantastic things or sharing only final results.

  • YES, focus one challenges, strategy & concept forming, process of implementation and final result.

  • Upcoming podcast : Amazon's Money Machine


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Small to medium-sized businesses join our free podcast sessions to scale up and accelerate their business growth

Save time with acquiring new clients

Sell more frequently to existing customers

Sell more expensive stuff to existing clients

Upcoming podcast : Amazon's Money Machin

Amazon's platform can be a real money machine for businesses if they know how to play the game right. Increasing visibility by ranking highest, selling more by many high listing products, increasing margins by optimizing prices and above all managing your reviews like a boss.

Is your business looking to play the upper hand or struggling with Amazon. Register today for free and we can assess your situation.

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Free Podcast Sessions

Scale up and grow

After the free upfront assessment call:

  • Limited seats
  • Coach business owners for free to transform their business
  • Record and share publicly multiple podcast sessions
  • Focusing on most urgent challenges
  • Strategy drafting and form viable concept
  • Implementation process of viable concept
  • Monitoring progress
  • Adjusting course
  • Celebrating final result
  • Low friction coaching. Adapt to the business owner, not the opposite. 
  • NO dreary podcasts of hours of fantastic things or sharing only final results.
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Advising business owners

Podcast topics

Branding and Selling products and services online

  • Amazon's Money Machine
  • Launch a new product online
  • Launch a new web shop
  • Expand your digital presence
  • Explore new marketing channels
  • Expand new product verticals

Want to focus on a different topic? Just let us know via our short form.

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Strengthen online branding and selling

During several free podcast sessions we guide business owners through a transformation where they learn to strengthen their brand image and  sell more and better online

Providing the public with real practical tools & tips they can apply themselves to their own business and challenges at hand.

Hi, I am your host Rolf

I will be hosting the podcast sessions together with industry leaders and help you to transform your business during these sessions.

People tend to call me an "architect". Generating 1000 ideas per second and always looking to implement the best ones fast. My creed is 7 Figure Results. I am at my very best in new business development. Either by coaching corporate teams increasing their effectiveness or by implementing new business strategies self with my team.

Complete Strategies

Easy actionable plans which you can implement directly

The Right Tools

Maximum automation to save your valuable time

Highly Effective

Workflows to get high-quality leads super fast

Their Experiences With The Method

Marcos G.

Corporate Recruiter

Chemical Industry

My daily challenge is to fulfill the urgent need to find the best candidates for my hiring managers in the quickest and cheapest way possible!

This course taught me to step off old beliefs and gave me new insights and tools.

  • Saves me time and lots of money!
  • No more angry impatient hiring managers ;-)
  • Spending far less recruitment fees 
  • I find and contact many right candidates in a few hours
  • Easy to consume the short videos and downloads
  • Takes me max 30 minutes daily to set it up.
  • The rest works perfect automatically
Roxanne J.


BCT Containertrading

My top responsibility is realizing growth for the company. Therefore having a consistent flow of new clients is essential.

The course helps me finding new clients fast and having automated growth of my network.

  • Quick access to many contacts; would take ages without this course
  • Automatization for dummies > spend my valuable time properly
  • Quick course with high impact. The usage of the tools is now part of my daily routine.
  • ‘How to build a solid character on LinkedIn’ easily explained
  • Clear explanation of the "how to"
  • Easy to install
Francisco S.

Creative Director


My objective is to have only high paying contracts and find the best work-life balance. Freelance platforms are nice, but are saturated and killing margins.

I love this course! It enables me to find high paying contractors automatically. Wish I had found it earlier.

  • Gives me control and who I pick
  • I earn more money, I even stop paying high commissions
  • I can now easily take a day off and spend with my family
  • The course is clear and well explained. Love the videos
  • I only needed 3 days to get confident with the system.
  • Thanks a lot Rolf for both the course and all the help when I got stuck. Really amazing experience :)

Interested in participating in our free podcast

We will work closely together to obtain your organizational objectives. To become even more successful than ever before. Inspiring other organizations to join and learn from it.

We will NOT only celebrate the final success, but also the process in between.

Showing the listener how it’s done starting with the initial challenge at hand.

If you are interested in participating in our free podcast, just let us know and answer these short 10 questions in 120 seconds.

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