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Top 6 Secrets Why LinkedIn Life is Easier Than A Mother In Law

linkedin marketing sales Sep 30, 2020


It's a common belief that mothers-in-law immediately evoke stereotypes that are generally obnoxious and unattractive. None of them flattering, some even refer to them as Monsters-in-Law. You have one and have to deal with it. But is this really legit, true or accurate? I beg to differ.

LinkedIn Is A Monster!

Many LinkedIn users appear to feel and think the same way about Linkedin. Linkedin is a monster and unattractive. Everybody has an account, so should I, but I don't really like it nor will properly use it. The worst social media platform I know. Having a LinkedIn account is not suitable for obtaining proper business results and therefore unattractive to put time and effort into it.

But, let me share with you a small secret that will make your LinkedIn life easier and bring you proper business results making it your time well spent.

So Here’s How...

If you spend a bit more time to truly figure out how it ticks, you will see the beauty and strength of it than it appeared to be at first sight. But be careful don’t go too far, you might get results and even gonna like it ;-) You might even get attached to it.

17 of the top world class LinkedIn Experts will show you why the majority of LinkedIn users are wrong and let you into their secrets on how to leverage it’s network strength into your professional advantage.

We have listed the top 6 most frequent made mistakes about Linkedin conveniently for you below. 

The Top 6 Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes Debunked:

  1. LinkedIn is only for finding a job
  2. You can not get any business out of LinkedIn
  3. You only can connect to connections you know
  4. Sharing personal content is NOT done!
  5. It takes up too much of my time
  6. It's too expensive

More Mistakes Debunked.

  1. People care about your LinkedIn posts like Shakespeare---Chris J. Reed
  2. Don't mind the algorithm, just produce good content---Richard van der Blom
  3. LinkedIn Life is not for all---Tamas Ivan Banki
  4. Just a bunch of keywords---Cyril Bladier
  5. I don't put my face on my LinkedIn profile---Rob van Zoelen
  6. LinkedIn should not be like Facebook---Tab Calvitti
  7. Accuse the system---Judith de Pagter
  8. Online is not personal---Masja Slootweg
  9. I don't get it---Ron Sukenick
  10. Networking on LinkedIn is a numbers game---AJ Wilcox
  11. LinkedIN is a total waste of time---Mic Adam
  12. You need to have the right bells and whistles---Josh Turner
  13. It's enough to fill out a few parts of your profile---Ingrid Brands
  14. Nobody is interested in my story---Trudy Pannekeet 
  15. Where there is a will there is a way---Véronique De Prycker
  16. LinkedIn is only for self-promotion---Marjolein Bongers
  17. Posts with external links are penalized by the algorithm---Mark Williams


People care about your LinkedIn posts like Shakespeare

Chris J. Reed - CEO and Founder of the World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding Firm, Black Marketing

The World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing & Personal Branding Expert with 1,600 LinkedIn Recommendations, 4 No.1 International Best Selling Books about LinkedIn and Personal Branding, I am also an Official Forbes Contributor on the subjects of LinkedIn and Personal Branding, am an Official LinkedIn Power Profile and have been enabling Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Founders to become LinkedIn Rock Stars since 2013 as CEO and Founder of the World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding Firm, Black Marketing - Enabling LinkedIn For you

Don't post personal content on LinkedIn

Don't post personal content on LinkedIn - Not true: Actually the MOST engaging posts on LinkedIn will be your personal content - that's what people want to see, posts about you and your story. These posts will get thousands if not tens of thousands of view's v's your company content which won't. Get personal on LinkedIn, your photos, your videos, your views and you will become a LinkedIn Rock Star

Post on your LinkedIn company page

Post on your LinkedIn company page - FALSE: The LinkedIn company page is DEAD! Not one CEO or Founder has a more engaging company page than their own personal page. The way to engage on LinkedIn and market your company on LinkedIn is through your personal page not your company page. People buy people on LinkedIn not companies. Focus on your personal page not your company one.

People care about your LinkedIn posts like Shakespeare

People care about your LinkedIn posts like Shakespeare - FALSE - they look, read, like, comment but mostly view then move onto something else. This enables you to take risks, share, engage, provoke, polarize, go for it! See what happens. But no one will be looking back in years time and remembering what you posted! Your post is not Shakespeare.

You can't generate leads on LinkedIn

You can't generate leads on LinkedIn - FALSE. If this is your view then you're doing it wrong! Use Sales Navigator Team, Smart Links and Social Selling focusing on personal branding and content marketing and you will generate leads every day from all over the world.

Only connect with people you know

Only connect with people you know - FALSE: if you only want a small pool of people then fine but if you want to conquer the world then you need connections who know your connections or people in your industry or like you in different countries to help you scale different countries and target groups. It's who you know not what you know on LinkedIn. The ore quality connections of people you wish to engage with e.g. Founders and CEO's the more Founders and CEO's they will know and the power of your network will spread. LinkedIn is all about your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections. make your network work for you.

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 "it's not what you know it's who you know"
 - Chris Reed - 



Don't mind the algorithm, just produce good content

Richard van der Blom - Social Selling expert - Just Connecting

International LinkedIn & Social Selling trainer, member of an independent European LinkedIn Think Tank. Trained over 40.000 people since 2009 and provided in-company trainings to more than 600 international companies. I focus on alignment between Sales and Marketing, Lead Generation and LinkedIn knowledge in general to create more business.

LinkedIn is Business, don't share personal stuff!

LinkedIn is Business, don't share personal stuff!
Wrong, because LinkedIn is P2P (People to People) and people need to trust other people to buy. So, act human. It's okay to share now and then something about your interests, personal life or opinions.

LinkedIn is expensive (Advertising / Sales Navigator)

LinkedIn is expensive (Advertising / Sales Navigator)
Wrong, most consultants/trainers who say this, don't have a clue. They have never worked with Campaign Manager and/or Sales Navigator or think every business is the same. LinkedIn is only expensive if you don't know how to target your potential clients

Don't mind the algorithm, just produce good content

Don't mind the algorithm, just produce good content
Wrong, because you can simply produce good content, but if you publish it in the wrong way (external links, no hashtags etc.) LinkedIn will decrease the amount of views.

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LinkedIn Life is not for all

Tamas Ivan Banki - Linkedin Expert, Trainer -

I'm a holistic LinkedIn Expert, focusing on the user experience, since 2011

I don't use LinkedIn, because it's for hiring

I'm a CxO, so I don't use LinkedIn, because LinkedIn is only good for job hunting. LinkedIn is a platform for your Personal Branding, Self Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Selling, Social HR. Either you are talking in the name of a company or your own, you can both win from being active on LinkedIn

I need to pay to do use it

I can not use Linkedin, as you can only use if you pay. Linkedin has a Freemium business model, so if you know how to use, you can use it without paying Linkedin a penny. But if you feel the ceiling above you head, you can start using a premium package.

It's just like Facebook

I don't like Linkedin as it gets more and more like Facebook. Both Linkedin and Facebook are social media platforms. Just Linkedin has a member base mainly focusing on business.

LinkedIn Life is not for all

You can not have a Linkedin Life. This is not false, not every body can have Linkedin Live, but its good, so there is less noise.

You need to pay to be able to search on LinkedIn

You can not search on Linkedin, unless you pay Linkedin. False, as you can search, but there will be less results, but if you push the boundaries, you can get good results. Or you can use third party tools and get superb results.

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Just a bunch of keywords

Cyril Bladier - CSO, CDO, CMO, consulting - Business Online

Sales, Digital and marketing expert, I help companies adapt their business model to digital through data and blue ocean approach. In my country I'm recognized as on the best experts on LinkedIn topic.

Only English works

I only need a profile in English. Most people in your country use LinkedIn in another language.

Just a bunch of keywords

LinkedIn is a matter of keywords. LinkedIn is a matter of chain of characters.

More keywords

LinkedIn is a matter of keywords. LinkedIn is a matter of location of keywords.

All jobs are legit

Or job ads are real ones. Not all job ads are real ones.

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I don't put my face on my LinkedIn profile

Rob van Zoelen - Founder/Owner of Quality Resume Services

Curriculum Vitae/Resume Writer that also does LinkedIn profile makeovers and that uses LinkedIn to generate business.

I don't need a LinkedIn profile

I don't need a LinkedIn profile. People saying that, are not aware that the majority of recruiters and recruitment agencies use LinkedIn as a Rolodex. So, not having a LinkedIn profile will make it impossible to be found and/or contacted.

It is not necessary to complete my LinkedIn profile

It is not necessary to complete my LinkedIn profile in full, it is not a resume so mentioning name of company + name of position is enough. Wrong! People should fully complete their LinkedIn profiles because, for one reason, LinkedIn profiles are being searched using keywords. Incomplete information=absence of keywords=not showing up in search results.

I don't put my picture on my LinkedIn profile

I don't put my picture on my LinkedIn profile, why should I? Well, Linkedin profiles with picture attracts 14x more traffic than those without.

I only connect with people that I know

I only connect with people that I know or have met personally. OK, that is a choice you can make. You're not doing yourself a favor if that is your choice. LinkedIn is there to build and grow your relations, reach out to people, share information and make contacts. Your LinkedIn network matters because the more people you know, the better the exposure of your LinkedIn profile will be.

I don't do anything with my LinkedIn profile

I don't do anything with my LinkedIn profile, I don't check out relevant groups, I never share stuff on the news feed. If that is the case, you are not taking advantage of having a LinkedIn profile. Being active on LinkedIn pays off. Energy in=energy out. Activity on LinkedIn is "rewarded" by increased visibility of your LinkedIn profile. Being member of several relevant groups and following what is being published in those groups, could lead to you landing a new job or being approached by a recruiter that has an open position that needs to be filled. In other words, being active on LinkedIn can bring you more than you now think.

From a B2B perspective, LinkedIn is by far the strongest and largest platform where prospects can be found and first contacts are made. It offers granular selection options so you can target exactly those people that are interesting prospects for your business. As a job seeker, you can target people in companies that interest you and start a conversation.....that could convert into a job offer.

No value for my B2B activities

LinkedIn is a gold mine. Many people are not aware and underestimate what LinkedIn can do for your business, for support of your job search and other B2B activities. Making good use of your LinkedIn profile makes sense and pays off. There is so much that you can do with your LinkedIn profile either as a job seeker or as entrepreneur / business owner to grow your company, your business.

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LinkedIn should not be Facebook

Tab Calvitti - Coaching, Sales, Leadership training

Entrepreneur & Coach impacting lives by reshaping outdated thought patterns that are blocking people from their success & happiness. I view LinkedIn as the place to create lasting connections, access referrals, get top notch peer to peer consulting/review, and as a lasting sales funnel with quality leads. My strength is using LinkedIn to the fullest in this capacity.

LinkedIn is only to search for jobs

The biggest misnomer I encounter is that LinkedIn is only a job search engine. LI is so much more than that. Where else can you gain instant access and connection to top leaders in business that respond to their messages? LinkedIn’s potential is hardly being tapped in the ways that it could be.

Take away

LinkedIn should not be like Facebook. LinkedIn should not be a place that becomes a personal story with cheesy selfies and political belief forum. All of these negate all the actual power that LinkedIn has the capability of bringing to peoples lives. It doesn’t inspire leadership. Nor, does it challenge one to grow so that they would be ready for a next level within their career.

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 "The only way to test a man’s character to give him power. Abraham Lincoln"
- Tab Calvitti -



Accuse the system

Judith de Pagter - owner -

Independent Professional expert and trainer in LinkedIn in the Netherlands as from 2010. My clients are jobseekers or professionals working for themselves or in companies. I have trained over 5,000 people. I am on LinkedIn every day. I just released an E-book on the working over LinkedIn of 200 pages as per September 21, 2020 (10th version)

LinkedIn is only to search for jobs

LinkedIn is only used for job seeking. People believe that they need LinkedIn only when they are looking for a job. In my believe they are too late. You need time to build a digital network.

NO, LinkedIn is nothing for me

LinkedIn does not work for me. People have a very poor knowledge of the working of LinkedIn. They do not know exactly how communication works in LinkedIn. They make a post but they do not know who they are talking to. Often they are frustrated because they are not successful. So they accuse the system (LinkedIn) in this case.

It's only for me

The LinkedIn user think that he make the LinkedIn profile for himself instead of making it attractive for visitors or potential clients. The information in the profile is often poor, not up to date and not attractive. For instance no background photo, no descriptions in Experience, no contact info, no ABOUT, no recommendations, etc.

Nobody will find me

The LinkedIn user have no idea that he is making a personal website via LinkedIn with a URL they can change. By changing the URL into your own name your profile will be in the top of the search engine results such as Google. (Of course when you have a common name it will be difficult).

Search is limited to names

The LinkedIn user think that he can only search by typing first name and last name in SEARCH. Often users do not know that they can do advanced searches by using Boolean search and filters and that he can create several search alerts.

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"LinkedIn is easy to use but you must have the knowledge to use it properly!"
- Judith de Pagter -



Online is not personal

Masja Slootweg - LinkedIn-expert & business coach

As a LinkedIn-expert & business coach I help B2B entrepreneurs to profile themselves powerful and to attract the best clients through an effective online marketing and lead strategy.

Online is not personal

‘Online is not personal’. Although LinkedIn is an online network, people should use it in a personal way. Only if you do this, LinkedIn can work for you. To build your know-, like- and trust factor, people will have to be at least 5 to 12 times in contact with you. This can be done offline and online, through LinkedIn. React on people’s updates, react on the reactions of your updates, their birthday, sent direct messages and connect with them. Make it personal, just like you do in the real world. People do business with people and NOT with businesses!

Posting too often will irritate my connections

‘Posting too often will irritate my connections’. Entrepreneurs are a little scared of their visibility. But you can not post too often, because your connections will only see your post when they are active on LinkedIn on that exact same moment and LinkedIn's algorithm will first of all show your post to people who already reacted on your posts before. And they only do that because they liked your posts.

Main goal on LinkedIn is selling

‘Main goal on LinkedIn is selling!’. I’m sorry, it is not…. The main goal of being on LinkedIn is sharing your knowledge and helping your network with it. So determine the topics where you want to be known of and share content and be visible. In this way you gain authority and you will be top of mind. And if someone can use your knowledge, people will share your profile and they will contact you. Again: people do business with people so make it authentic and original!

Once my profile is done, I don’t ever have to look at it again

‘Once my profile is done, I don’t ever have to look at it again’. I wish that was true, but no. I recommend to look at least once a quarter at your profile. I bet things already changed a bit. Maybe the things you offer, or things you want to make sure of that profile visitors will read about you or your company. It is not static information, but try to make in dynamic and add all the proof you can find to give your prospects the assurance that you are the one they need.

I only connect with people I already know

‘I only connect with people I already know’, is a sentence I hear a lot. But that’s not what it is about anymore. You meet people also online and you can grow your network with people you want to be connected with because they share interesting news about your industry or they are the decision makers of your ideal clients. To increase the chance of acceptance of your invitation, write a personal message with it. And talk with them just like you would do in real life!

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" If you dare to make choices you automatically will attract the nicest customers!"
- Masja Slootweg - 



I don't get it

Ron Sukenick - President - Relationship Strategies Institute

Ron Sukenick is the president and founder of The Relationship Strategies Institute, a global training and business development company that provides the business community with strategies for developing and effectively utilizing deeper professional relationships. One of Ron Sukenick’s most popular services is his consulting as Chief Relationship Officer. He has helped countless companies improve their internal relationships, as well as develop and improve critical relationships with clients, vendors and others outside the company.

I get no business when I have a profile on LinkedIn

I have a profile and I get no business - Answer - These are people that do nothing to engage connections - They have to do something

Only for people looking for a job

LinkedIn is mostly for people looking for a job - LinkedIn is the largest professional data base in the world. Made up of many people that have a business mindset - If you engage, follow up, and speak directly to your target audience, you can do business.

LinkedIn requires too much of my time

I don't have the time for LinkedIn - LinkedIn is only one of many tools to help build and grow a business - Simply include LinkedIn as a part of your marketing strategy

LinkedIn is too difficult to understand

I don't understand how to use LinkedIn - It's easy to understand once you learn about how to use it. Find a coach to help you

I only have to put up my resume and get a new job

I put up my resume and get no response - If your looking for a job, that' one thing to look at - If you wanting business relationships - talk to people - Engage people - Follow-up with people

Take away

Increased interaction brings increased cooperation with people.

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"It's amazing what can take place when you bring the right group of people together."

- Ron Sukenick -



Networking on LinkedIn is a numbers game

AJ Wilcox - LinkedIn Ads Expert and Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast -

I'm a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. We're an official LinkedIn partner, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast, and have managed among the world’s largest LinkedIn Ads accounts worldwide.

LinkedIn is just for job searching

LinkedIn is just for job searching. Anyone who says this, I know is stuck back in 2012. It's a thriving platform with tons of interaction and conversation happening. We get more business leads through LinkedIn's messaging box than through our website!

Advertising on LinkedIn is too expensive

LinkedIn Ads are too expensive. While they are certainly not cheap, the real value in LinkedIn's advertising is the ability to hyper target only the most valuable segments of your ideal target audience. When your sales team is throwing away 80% of the Facebook leads because they're not qualified, it starts to make sense why you might pay a premium to reach only the cream of the crop. Just make sure that your sales follow-up is solid so you don't waste the value.

Advertising on LinkedIn does not work

LinkedIn Ads don't work. LinkedIn Ads are the very best way to get a message in front of the most valuable potential customers for your brand. Once that message is in front of them, though, it's your job to ensure that the call to action you're giving your prospects is something they will actually value and take action on. If someone is saying that LinkedIn Ads don't work, it's likely because they didn't have a valuable enough call to action to entice their prospects to convert.

Networking on LinkedIn is a numbers game

LinkedIn networking is a numbers game. It stands to reason that you might try to make an effective process more scalable. There are always tools out there that boast the capabilities of automating sending connection requests or conversation sequences, The problem with automating social media is that people can tell when you're not talking like a real person. It's offensive when someone finds out they've been subjected to a bait & switch, and it ruins relationships. Your LinkedIn network is one that you will keep with you for the rest of your career. If you burn your connections and prospects by trying to automate the relationship, they will be much less valuable to you down the road. Conversely, if you're approachable, helpful, and authentic to your connections, they'll become real relationships, which will serve you for your whole career.

Busy executives aren't on LinkedIn

Busy executives aren't on LinkedIn. I thought the same thing until I started running ads targeting the most influential business decisionmakers on the planet. What we found is when we target them as well as those with lower seniorities, there's no difference in engagement rates, and often very little difference in cost to reach them. Plus we see generous traffic. This means that not only are they spending time on LinkedIn, but they're also interacting with ads.

Extra take away

LinkedIn is the de-facto place to build a professional network and brand. Keep your interactions genuine and your LinkedIn network is an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come.

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 ‘I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.’ - Jim Carey

- AJ Wilcox - 


LinkedIN is a total waste of time

Mic Adam - LinkedIn Trainer & CEO - Vanguard Leadership

Social Selling and Social recruitment practitioner

It's only for recruitment

The only reason for LinkedIn to exist is recruitment

Of course, there is some truth to that but there is much more to it than that. Sales people find prospects, networking is done digitally, etc.

Waste of time

LinkedIn for sales is a waste of time

Networking or relationship building takes time. Most sales people are not willing to put in the effort to get the results

Automation is Cool

LinkedIn automation is cool

It is against the LinkedIn terms of use


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People buy from people they know, Like and TRUST! Bob Burg

- Mic Adam -


You need to have the right bells and whistles

Josh Turner - Founder and CEO -

Founder and CEO of LinkedSelling and We are an Inc 500 company and regarded by many as one of the leading authorities in the world, when it comes to using LinkedIn to grow your business. We have trained over 500,000 businesses in our systems.

You need to have the right bells and whistles

That the key to LinkedIn is having the right bells and whistles on your profile. This is a good start, but a fancy profile won't do much by itself. It takes a proactive approach.

Only connect to people you know

"I should only connect with people I really know." If you take this route, then you really are limiting your business development potential with LinkedIn.

New contacts buy directly

A lot of people seem to think there should be a way to generate leads off of LinkedIn that are ready to buy immediately. People forget that the same sales cycle will apply to leads from LinkedIn as any other lead source.

It's okay to send a sales pitch immediately

That it's ok to connect with people and send them a sales pitch immediately after connecting. We call these people "leg humpers." This is the stuff that gives LinkedIn a bad name. And it doesn't work. People who take the time to build the relationship first, before going for the pitch, get much better results.

It's just for business

"LinkedIn is just for business. Leave the personal stuff on Facebook." I disagree. Just take a look at the posts that go viral on LinkedIn. Many are of a more personal nature. It stands out and people love it.

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If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. - Tony Robbins

- Josh Turner -


It's enough to fill out a few parts of your profile

Ingrid Brands - trainer LinkedIn / project coordinator and online marketing employee - Zuyd University

Since 1992 I have been working for Zuyd University of Applied Sciences as a trainer LinkedIn / project coordinator and online marketing employee.
I am an enthusiastic, creative and enterprising person with a healthy dose of humor and always looking for a new challenge. It gives me great satisfaction to connect people not only offline but also online via LinkedIn. It is therefore my passion to help students, professionals and companies to profile themselves successfully with LinkedIn.
Since 2011 I also provide workshops LinkedIn for students, professionals and companies!

It's only for jobs

That people think that LinkedIn is only used to find a job! You can learn a lot by LinkedIn and show your network your expertise

It's not for doing business

That people think LinkedIn is a social network instead of a business! And spam a lot!

You are ready with just a profile

That people only create a profile and then do nothing with it! You have to be visible

You need to be in sales mode

That people are only constantly in sales mode! People need to trust you so let see your expertise

It's enough to fill out a few parts of your profile

That people only half fill out their profile! That is not smart because LinkedIn is your digital business card

Extra take away

Good networking on LinkedIn means the ‘know - like and trust’ factor for me

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Nobody is interested in my story

Trudy Pannekeet - Independent LinkedIn Trainer & author and LinkedIn ambassador at Trudy Pannekeet

I am Trudy Pannekeet, LinkedIn Marketing trainer for small business owners and freelancers. I worked as Marketing Communication manager for brands like Gucci Perfumes, Barbie and Fisher Price, and for organic food and natural cosmetics.

Personal contact is key for me on LinkedIn. Quality over quantity. People appreciate my personal and practical methods in my trainings. I familiarize very quickly with the customers situation. My goal is to activate people. With my customized LinkedIn training I press exactly the right button.

LinkedIn is a CV-platform

LinkedIn is a CV-platform, only for jobseekers and recruiters
LinkedIn is so much more than a CV-platform. It has grown into a huge worldwide business network and a extensive database of professionals. Not only suitable for big companies but it provides all people a place to learn, to share knowledge and find opportunities to grow.

My customers are not on LinkedIn

My customers are not on LinkedIn, why should I
Just investigate and you will find your customers. With this number of LinkedIn users and constantly growing the chance your customer uses LinkedIn becomes bigger every day. You will find your competition using LinkedIn. And in addition LinkedIn profiles score highly in Google. So another reason to be active on LinkedIn.

The more connections the better

The more connections the better (the more customers)
Lots of people invite whoever they come across to make a connection. With the idea that the bigger their network the sooner they will find a new job, new customers. For some it will work but I believe that quality supersedes quantity. Keep your goals and target group in mind when you invite and accept invitations. And when you share your knowledge. No shotgun blast but precisely aimed.

Nobody is interested in my story

Everybody has a story to tell. There will always be people interested in your expertise. Not everybody has to be interested, just your customers. Think about what your customer would like to be informed about in your field of expertise and provide that content.

LinkedIn takes so much time

Not necessarily. 10 minutes every day (less than checking your email) should already give you lots of exposure. Just start to build your network and to get to know the platform.

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Share your knowledge / Just do it (quote not mine ๐Ÿ˜Š) / Show yourself (sounds better in Dutch) / No need to shout, to stand out.

- Trudy Pannekeet -


Where there is a will there is a way

Véronique De Prycker - Social Selling & other Online B2B Strategies - LinkedIn® Expert & Ambassador - trainer - keynote speaker  - Founder & owner at The House Of Leadership

Hi, I am Véronique De Prycker, and I truly believe that the ๐ž๐œ๐จ๐ง๐จ๐ฆ๐ฒ, our ๐ก๐ž๐š๐ฅ๐ญ๐ก and ๐ž๐๐ฎ๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง are the 3 main pillars of a ๐ฉ๐ซ๐จ๐ฌ๐ฉ๐ž๐ซ๐จ๐ฎ๐ฌ ๐ฌ๐จ๐œ๐ข๐ž๐ญ๐ฒ.
Personally, I am truly passionate about helping B2B professionals and companies in helping to achieve their personal & professional success and obtain total mastery over their life.
One of the expertise that I use in this process is 'Social Selling' and LinkedIn plays a vital role in this strategy along with offline networking and warm referrals.

"I don't have time"

Skip all the news during the day, never WATCH the news (since it's not neutral but meant to influence you negatively).
Limit your random time on social media of watching other people's lives, but use it instead to build on your own visibility, your brand, or the success of your company.

"I am not technical"

I still need to meet the first successful tennis player - whether a pro or for leisure - who never got tennis lessons from a teacher. I still have to meet the first football club - even in the lowest division - who doesn't have a coach.
"Where there is a will there is a way"

Get yourself the right trainer, learn the skill, and just do it.
It will be worth it because you'll earn your investment back multiple times.


Extra take away

New times and a new economic era ask for new tactics, tools and strategies.
The good thing is that they already exist, they're there for you to find them.
You have to be willing to evolve with times and ride the tide equipped with the right, necessary tools and gear.

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"If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got"  

- Véronique de Prycker -


LinkedIn is only for self-promotion

Marjolein Bongers - owner of House of Social Media

LinkedIn Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Author LinkedIn Power | Cialdini Meets LinkedIn | Employer Branding

"LinkedIn is only for when you are looking for a job."

LinkedIn is a very powerful network where recruiters are of course active and you can look for job vacancies, but it is also a network where you can profile yourself and your company and use social selling.

"LinkedIn is only for self-promotion"

Of course you sometimes see posts from LinkedIn members who only do self-promotion. In general, a lot of knowledge is shared. Sharing knowledge alternated with showing what you are doing generally works very well.


"Handy those automated texts on LinkedIn"

Very handy but my advice is not to use it. On LinkedIn you can make a difference by being personal. So skip the standard texts on LinkedIn and take the trouble to write a personal note.

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"Living with guts and love pays off"  

- Marjolein Bongers -


Posts with external links are penalized by the algorithm

Mark Williams - LinkedIn Trainer, coach, author & podcast host. Specializing in LinkedIn visibility for sales, marketing, job seeking, recruiting and networking - ETN LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Trainer for 12 years, producer of the LinkedInformed podcast

The use of automation tools is a clever, efficient way to use LinkedIn.

  • Automation tools are designed to spam people and whilst this works if you send enough messages, you are annoying far more people than you are impressing.
  • Automation is a short term game. Consistent receipt of spam will put your target customers off using LinkedIn. You are destroying the network for everyone!
  • Your account is at serious risk of being banned by LinkedIn. Irrespective of the false claims made by 3rd party providers, LinkedIn are constantly improving their tools to catch people who use automation.
  • LinkedIn is a networking community. If you can't be bothered to engage with others, just leave the platform - don't get a robot to do the work for you!

Company Pages are a valuable use of your time.

  •  The use of a company page is a 'pay to play' system. If you are not prepared to spend money advertising then you will struggle to gain any visibility.
  • LinkedIn users are interested in engaging with people, not brands operated by anonymous marketers
  • Occasional posts and keeping your page up to date makes sense but don't waste too much time. Instead focus on your personal profile activities.

 You should spend an hour a day on LinkedIn.

This makes no sense at all. LinkedIn is a constantly live business networking community and you should always be ready to engage with others. Sitting down at your desk for your 'LinkedIn hour' is analogue thinking in a digital age.

Posting external links is ineffective because LinkedIn restrict the distribution of any post that includes a url that takes the viewer away from LinkedIn.

  • This used to be true but is no longer the case.
  • The reason external links still perform poorly is because you are asking viewers to click on the link rather than engaging with your content. This in turn means the algorithm doesn't favor your post.
  • Posting external links is not a great idea because you are unlikely to get many eyes on your content but it is not because LinkedIn want to discourage the practice.

Re-shares perform badly because the algorithm suppresses the distribution of the post.

  • Incorrect, the algorithm places re-shares in the feed of your followers all the time
  • Re-shares don't attract engagement because users don't want to see them.
  • If you see a post you believe your followers would enjoy, they have a much greater chance of seeing it if you comment or 'react' to it. Re-sharing does not help you, your followers or the original poster


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