Lagging behind your competitors on results?
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You start-up / scale-up or your team will:

- Use the power of easy automation to increase 3x your cold outreach’s results.

- Get more/new business opportunities from your existing clients.

- Reduce global operating costs by adopting the latest technology in your company.


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We can teach and guide your team or fully implement ourselves. Choose what works best for you

Save time with acquiring new clients

Sell more frequently to existing customers

Sell more expensive stuff to existing clients



Upgrade your sales team's effectiveness

starting from 2.499 €

After the free upfront assessment call:

  • We will coach your team on the use of the latest outreach tech. 
  • Low friction coaching. We adapt to your team, not the opposite. 
  • Save process; focussed on the do's and dont's.
  • Behavioural insights for maximum success. 
  • Team coaching on the most effective acquisition and LTV tactics. 
  • Sell more, to new/existing clients in 50% less time.
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Supporting your start up / scale ups growth

Tailored to your needs when you lack capacity or experience

After the free upfront assessment call:

  • Performance based collaboration
  • Our team will implement and execute. We will become business partners. 
  • Find new clients for your business. 
  • Sell more frequently to existing clients
  • Increase revenue per customer.
  • We will adapt to your specific needs: KPI's, customer avatar. 
  • We will adapt to your tools: CRM, ad platforms, etc. 
  • Total integration with your closing team, if you already have one. 
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Why is it that high performing sales teams are top of their game? It's not something these sales people have been born with. They have found the secret to upgrade their skills and habits, reinventing themselves over and over.

Their secret is always following a specific set of habits and skills consistently, which we have conveniently bundled for you and your sales team in 
the 10X Lead Generation Method 


Hi, I am Rolf

People tend to call me an "architect". Generating 1000 ideas per second and always looking to implement the best ones fast. My creed is 7 Figure Results. I am at my very best in new business development. Either by coaching corporate teams increasing their effectiveness or by implementing new business strategies self with my team if a company lacks capacity or experience. Moreover, I am a sucker for health.. Ask yourself...Do I want to work harder or smarter?

Complete Strategies

Easy actionable plans which you can implement directly

The Right Tools

Maximum automation to save your valuable time

Highly Effective

Workflows to get high-quality leads super fast

Their Experiences With The Method

Marcos G.

Corporate Recruiter

Chemical Industry

My daily challenge is to fulfill the urgent need to find the best candidates for my hiring managers in the quickest and cheapest way possible!

This course taught me to step off old beliefs and gave me new insights and tools.

  • Saves me time and lots of money!
  • No more angry impatient hiring managers ;-)
  • Spending far less recruitment fees 
  • I find and contact many right candidates in a few hours
  • Easy to consume the short videos and downloads
  • Takes me max 30 minutes daily to set it up.
  • The rest works perfect automatically
Roxanne J.


BCT Containertrading

My top responsibility is realizing growth for the company. Therefore having a consistent flow of new clients is essential.

The course helps me finding new clients fast and having automated growth of my network.

  • Quick access to many contacts; would take ages without this course
  • Automatization for dummies > spend my valuable time properly
  • Quick course with high impact. The usage of the tools is now part of my daily routine.
  • ‘How to build a solid character on LinkedIn’ easily explained
  • Clear explanation of the "how to"
  • Easy to install
Francisco S.

Creative Director


My objective is to have only high paying contracts and find the best work-life balance. Freelance platforms are nice, but are saturated and killing margins.

I love this course! It enables me to find high paying contractors automatically. Wish I had found it earlier.

  • Gives me control and who I pick
  • I earn more money, I even stop paying high commissions
  • I can now easily take a day off and spend with my family
  • The course is clear and well explained. Love the videos
  • I only needed 3 days to get confident with the system.
  • Thanks a lot Rolf for both the course and all the help when I got stuck. Really amazing experience :)

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